‘Witcheye’ Coming to App Store and Google Play August 15

Picture the scene: It’s Sunday evening, and you’ve spent all weekend holed up in your room, dodging texts and playing some games. You love hanging out with your friends but sometimes you need some me-time, right? Just then, a dreaded feeling surfaces. Tomorrow is Monday, and you that you are an adult with responsibilities.

Fortunately for you, one developer has you covered. Moon Kid Games has announced their latest release Witcheye, via Devolver Digital.

Witcheye is a mobile adventure/platform game for iOS and Android. In this game, the player controls the eyeball of a witch as she attempts to hunt down the dastardly knight and wizard who have stolen her spell ingredients.

The adventure features 50+ levels, across 6 vibrant worlds. Each level hosts its own unique enemies, a clean and appealing art style, and a profusion of secrets to unearth.

Witcheye Trailer (Moon Kid Games, Devolver Digital, 2019.)

Witcheye is brought to us by the designer Peter Malamud Smith, best known for co-creating The Great Gatsby along with Charlie Hoey.

Smith has also created two well-received mobile games in the past, Satellina and Satellina Zero. With this kind of track record, Witcheye is shaping up to be a mobile game worth the excitement.

Come August 15th, you’ll be thankful to have Witcheye’s endless entertainment right at your fingertips when you’re on your lunch break, counting down the hours. Keep up to date with the latest news, and considering preordering Witcheye here!

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