‘Chaos,’ The Open World, Sci-Fi, FPS is Coming This Summer

Chaos is a sci-fi first-person shooter that takes place in a unique open-world environment, with no load screens and a complete campaign mode. That alone should excite you, and yet there is so much more to be said. But before we jump into that, I’ll ask you to consider the following; what could you create in 10 months?

Chaos Gameplay Trailer (TWR Electronics, 2019)

The Story

Chaos takes you to another world with your brother by your side. Your homeworld faces destruction, and now together you venture to this ominous new planet. Suddenly, things go awry as your ship crashes upon entry. Along your other-worldly adventure, you must find out what caused the crash and rescue your brother, before it’s too late. Will you be able to tame this new planet, and secure the future of civilization?”

(TWR Electronics, 2019)

To sweeten the deal, the developers of Chaos have hidden a secret feature in the following video, which if answered correctly, could win you a mystery prize!

Chaos is brought to us by TWR Electronics, who began developing the game 10 months ago. Yes, this entire game was created within 10 months of a one-year deadline. So, how about that hypothetical?

The developers at TWR Electronics were told “It is not possible to make a good game within a year.” And boy, they sure took that as a challenge. What we have here is a product of sheer determination and one which very much warrants your attention.

Read the latest news about Chaos here! And please show some love to the folks over at TWR Electronics here.


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