About Us

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About Us

Indie Ranger is a gaming site with a focus on the indie game and modding community. Our content currently includes reviews, showcases and opinion pieces. At Indie Ranger, we want to show you games you may have never heard of before. If you have a game or mod that you’d like to see featured, please reach out to us at the provided email or on our “Contact Us” page.



Indie Ranger had its start as a humble free blog called “Start Press Gaming” in January 2017. It was a semester-long project for Travis to get a good grade and further his studies in journalism. Spoiler alert: He got an A.

After the class ended, Travis didn’t want to give up on the blog. He took it from a free domain on WordPress to a hosted blog. The blog itself went through a few name changes, starting with Start Press Gaming, then Bullet Sponged and finally he settled on Indie Ranger. He’s a pretty indecisive guy.

For a majority of the time the blog has existed, Travis ran it as a one-man show. In the fall of 2017, Indie Ranger began to grow with its own staff of sorts.

And the story continues into 2018.