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Another Talk with Adam Pype, developer of SpookWare, No Players Online

Roy Hitchcock
The Indie Ranger Team recently had the opportunity to talk with developer Adam Pype again, developer of No Players Online, about his past and recent developments. Having recently released the popular game SpookWare, Adam was able to answer a few questions: Recently you released SpookWare, a faithful horror remake of......

Sony Announces PlayStation Indies Initiative

On the 01st of July 2020, Sony announced the PlayStation Indies initiative which seeks to shine a spotlight on PlayStation indie games and introduce gamers to titles that might have been overshadowed by larger games. The goal, says Shuhei Yoshida, is to “make PlayStation the best place to develop, find,......
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Star Citizen Announces Major Updates in Next Patch

Steven Large
Cloud Imperium Games recently announced Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.10 update. The update brings improvements to flight, combat and a lot of features both new and returning. In the video announcement from CIG’s publishing arm, Roberts Space Industries, vehicle director John Crewe and the recently formed Vehicle Experience Team walk us......
Industry News’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality Raises Nearly Two Million Dollars

Annie Wraight
There has been a lot of media coverage about the tragedy of George Floyd’s final moments at the hands of police officers. A byproduct of this story being so readily told is that this has turned into a call to action to stop racism and end police brutality. For almost......
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The Unethical Side of Asset Use And It’s Impact on Developers

Steven Large
To describe asset flipping, imagine painting a portrait, painstakingly perfecting each stroke and toiling over mixing the oils to get the exact colors for months on end. Now imagine someone walking up to it, snapping a picture of all your hard work and selling prints of it while proclaiming “this......
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#LoveIndies Ups the Ante This 2020

Roy Hitchcock
Indie developer Failbetter Games, known for the likes of Sunless Sea, will be kicking off the third annual online #LoveIndies celebration. Starting on the first of June, #LoveIndies invites developers, players, influencers, and the media to showcase their love and support of indie gaming and the indie gaming community. For......
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