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Interview With Shotgun With Glitters, Developers of The Witty Survival-Horror Game, ‘The Padre’

Matthew Adler
The Padre is recently released survival-horror game that tickles your funny bone. It’s a juxtaposition in itself, featuring tense, atmospheric levels paired with an absurd demon-hunting Priest that frequently lightens the mood. The game includes a number of puzzles and exploration, as well as combat with a variety of different......
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Interview With Half Heart Games, Developers of the Upcoming Strategy Card Game ‘Fleet Calamity’

Matthew Adler
Fleet Calamity is an upcoming movement-based collectible card game for PC where you’ll control three motherships, known as Flotilla, that you’ll strategically move around the game board to try and outsmart your opponent. Along the way, you’ll have access to upgrades, traps, viruses and other vessels. These vessels are from......
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‘Tidal Tribe,’ An Interview With The Developer

Coltan Piccione
'Tidal Tribe' is a new God simulation game from the one-man development team at PowPit. The game is putting a unique spin on the genre by having the player manipulate water in various ways to change the world and how the NPCs interact with it. Indie Ranger had the opportunity...