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Vincent: The Secret of Myers, Bloody Cyborg Madness

Still in the aftermath of the horrific 2080 G4 Cyborg Incident that left countless kidnapped and devoured, Myers Corp. looms ominously, its doors being shut for over five years now, but still people go missing every night, and Man-eating Cyborg monstrosities creep. 

Vincent: The Secret of Myers is a horror mystery visual novel in development by artist dino999z. The demo, coming out on November 28th to, is the latest game from the artist turned game developer. 

“When we are first born, We are no different than a ball of clay.”

After waking up in a strange room, you find yourself wondering where you are, why you are in pain, and why you can’t remember anything. 

“What would happen if someone gains memories… that don’t belong to them?” 

And then you decide to venture out, to find your way out of this place. No phone, no keys, nothing. You have nothing as you venture out but your intuition and your gut. 

You hear a sound, but you keep on going, passing out of the room. You find yourself in bar now, the seats empty, lights off. You walk closer to the counter and then you hear something. A step, just one, behind you. You pause and a cold sweat courses down your back. Then it moves, its steps getting louder behind you before you even have a chance to turn around.

Its all over now. 

Vincent: The Secret of Myers is a horror mystery visual novel that engrosses you in its lore from the start. From its world with Deus Ex level of technology, to the story on what happened to the people who went missing back in January of 2080, its a ride from start to finish with this demo (even more to come!). 

Introducing you to a couple of Ex-Myer Corp. employees, they become your only direction and order in a dangerous world where you lost your memory.

And now they are your only hope of finding out who you are, what is going on behind the doors of the shutdown Myer Corp., and why people are still dying. And you’ll need the help from these new unknown friends to even have a chance of surviving this nightmare you find yourself in. 

In this ride, you’ll need to proceed slowly, take notes, and save often. Death lurks behind every corner, and the lines between human and non-human are blurred. 

Artist dino999z has been active in promoting their game on twitter and instagram and the demo is available currently in English and Simplified Chinese. 

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