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Clarie’s Song, PowerPoint nightmare

A PowerPoint, dreamstate nightmare. 

The little Bird can feel the thorns as they get near, the hands that come to grab you, it can hear the heartbeat… Don’t be lured by the sweet flower you may find.. It’s path is covered with thorns… 

Dark and Surreal

Listen closely to what the bird has to say, but don’t let it be you, don’t blindly trust all that it says…

Clarie’s Song, released on December 18th, by developer Prifurin is a dark surreal puzzle game where the player leads Clarie through strange dreams that plague her. It is the latest entry to the PowerPoint Game Jam on, and as such, it is completely made in Microsoft PowerPoint. 

You have three doors in front of you, three paths to take for salvation

Sometimes… When you fall asleep you find yourself having the same dream. Its strange, so dark… And there’s a weird bird that always greets you. 

In Clarie’s Song you guide Clarie through her dream. The Dream always brings her to the same place, the Witches House, where she needs to escape. Everywhere she goes there’s traps waiting to catch her, but she must find the way out again, and again, and again until the dreams go away. But this time things are different, for Clarie can’t see the traps the Witch has now. 

When Clarie finds herself having that dream she comes across a bird that has lost its song, and the bird knows the way out, it can sense the traps. 

The Bird doesn’t work for free though

In Clarie’s Song you have to solve a series of increasingly complex puzzles in order to continue along and help Clarie wake from the dream. All the while Clarie is retrieving pieces of the Bird. 

But, things don’t seem to completely line up with all that the Bird has to say. As you continue through the story you will see and hear all the Bird says and some of what it might have done. Who’s Evil, the Bird or the Witch? 

Who watches you?

Wheres the Witch? 

Clarie’s Song is atmospheric, its artwork, music, and overall design work to bring together a game that is unique as the method of production. ‘

The game also shares various themes and similarities to Irisu Syndromenamely in the cat and rabbit departments. 

Clarie’s Song was made for the PowerPoint Jam, and is the first known game from developer Prifurin. A walk through is provided along side the game which is played through Powerpoint. 

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