‘Untitled Goose Game’ Has Become a Meme, And We Love Everything About It

Press Y to honk. If you know, you know.

When it comes to the internet, becoming a meme is one of the highest honors that can be achieved. And a newly released game, Untitled Goose Game from developer House House, has achieved the godlike status with a honk and a dream.

I’ve been playing Untitled Goose Game since its release and, while I’ve been loving being a pain in the ass to the residents of this small town, I never expected it to become a meme. But then again, on the internet, anything is possible.

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It’s not exactly uncommon to see an indie game work as a meme. Sans from Undertale has had his run, as well as Cuphead and Minecraft.

Personally, I’ve never seen a game reach meme status this quick. There were some in-jokes about the dedicated “honk” button, but in the two-or-so weeks that Untitled Goose Game has been released, it has reached peak meme-dom.

I can’t lie, scrolling through Twitter and seeing all these memes gave me life that I didn’t know I needed. And damn it, I’m loving every new one I see.

I’m hoping that this meme lasts a long time, because I know that, unlike the “Ight Imma Head Out” meme, I won’t be getting sick of this one anytime soon.

If you want to get in on the action and cause chaos in the neighborhood one honk at a time, Untitled Goose Game is available on the Switch, PC and Mac.

Keep honking my friends, and enjoy the memes.

Travis is a graduate of SUNY Fredonia with a BA in journalism. He has had a passion for gaming ever since he played Pokémon Red Version and Donkey Kong 64. Some of his all-time favorite titles include Halo Reach, Spec Ops: The Line and Fallout: New Vegas. In his free time, Travis enjoys making a hot mess of himself and making situations awkward. Finger guns and puns are his specialties.

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