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‘Untitled Goose Game’ is a Foul Delight

Untitled Goose Game has taken over the world. A simple premise of being a goose on the loose is more fun than I would have expected. What could have been a lazy Goat Simulator clone, is something more unique. Untitled Goose Game is a puzzle game at its core where all the puzzles are elaborately annoying people until they turn on your kind. It’s delightfully silly in its presentation and concept with gameplay that is simple but entertaining. It’s only slightly weighed down by some frustrating puzzles and a short playtime.

Being cheeky is key to enjoyment

Being a goose on the loose is immediately fun. If you are someone who obsesses over animals then you will be delighted here. The goose is adorable with its animations and simple design. His honk certainly becomes more and more iconic as the game goes on. The entire game’s style is endearing and unique. Its hyper cell-shaded aesthetic reminds me of simple paintings and it’s this delightful aesthetic that adds so much joy to the experience. The music also joins in and almost acts as a narrator. The piano tunes get more intense when you’re being chased or compliments you after completing something.

The controls and tasks are simple. You can pick up stuff in your little goose beak and even bend your neck to get down lower. You can spread your wings just for the trill of taunting people and of course, you can honk till your heart’s content. Every task revolves around figuring out what or who to mess with and at the right time. For example, someone is walking by a sprinkler, better turn the tap on. Or if you’re stealing something from a shop, you better wait till they aren’t looking.

Each task lets you play with a different gameplay style. Stealing stuff directly from people requires stealth and patience. Timing is key in a lot of puzzles. But the most interesting ones are where you have to think outside the box. Simple things like turning on a radio for a gardener to open a fence are commonplace. But the further on the more elaborate you find the puzzles to be. Some prove to be very clever and smart. Beyond my initial expectations.

Each character has their own quirks

Some of the puzzles are a little lazier and feel like a lot of trial and error. The controls are sometimes a bit wonky which can be the end of you right before solving a puzzle. An objective required me to steal an object and move it somewhere, except the object breaks if someone bumps me. The controls aren’t precise enough for me to maneuverer properly and so I had some trouble with that.

That being said, a lot of that jank is by design. This is inherently a silly game, it isn’t a lavish puzzle game with meticulous design. It’s more about simple and entertaining puzzles that are as fun to attempt as watching your cruel deeds play out. Ruining someone’s day certainly makes for some foul amusement whether you are playing or not.

The biggest complaint I think people will have with this game is the length which I can’t blame them for. The game is separated into multiple areas and once you finish the game you can go do some more tasks in each spot. I think maybe just one more area and the game would have been a fine length. The extra objectives are a nice bonus but the variety does feel a little short by that point when there is nobody new to piss off.

A lot of little details make it into the game

At the end of the day, I can’t ask much more from a goose game without a title. Instead of a sandbox with nothing to do, Untitled Goose Game gives us quality puzzles, adorable presentation and a whole gaggle of laughs. The short playtime may be a bummer for some but the experience is compelling none the less. So next time you need to let off some steam, the game you should be reaching for, is Untitled Goose Game.

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