Be a Jerk in Untitled Goose Game

Have you ever been annoyed by a goose? I’ve had plenty of experiences with smug geese loudly honking, pecking me and terrorizing me while I eat lunch. To add insult to the injury the feathered jerks taunt me by waddling around on their two feet, despite having the ability to fly. The developers over at House House are certainly no strangers to goose abuse, as they are making a game entirely about it.

The objective of the game, Untitled Goose Game, is simply to bother innocent humans as a goose. You play as said goose and are given a list of objectives to annoy people. To complete tasks such as stealing the gardener’s lunch, you must sneak around and quietly snatch items from people. Keys, sandwiches, and shovels are just a few prime targets to take in order to ruin the humans’ days. Nothing is safe from your waterfowl’s wrath since your goose has the strength to drag pumpkins across the ground, and the dexterity to turn on water faucets. The limits to your irritation are those of your imagination.

The gameplay is an adorable take on stealth games, but there is also the option to be overtly obnoxious. You can completely ignore the objectives and just duck around in the game’s sandbox. With the power of a dedicated honk button, you can waddle and antagonize humans to your heart’s content. NPCs will shoo you away if you get too close or chase you if you steal something. Neither the goose or the humans are ever in any danger, so it creates a uniquely lighthearted conflict.

Untitled Goose Game has yet to receive an exact release date but is planned to release early this year to PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch platforms. There is an official website, Steam page, and teaser trailer where you can learn more about the game.

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