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Hegis’ Grasp Review: Scary For All The Wrong Reasons

Travis LeFevre
Playing through Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected, it’s easy to see that the namesake village is indeed cursed. Cursed with horrid visuals, buggy and awkward gameplay, and deer that run like they’re trying to bust a move in a nightclub (please, let me explain). I came out of Hegis’ Grasp with......
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I Threw A Few Bucks At Some Cheap Games. Here Were The Best Ones

Travis LeFevre
A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go and spend $20 on a random selection of games that were cheap as dirt. Of those twenty games, some were great, while others were total garbage. A majority of the games featured are short and sweet and, given the price tag,......
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Tanglewood Review: A Fox On The Run

Travis LeFevre
Tanglewood feels like an old classic for a new age. Having been developed solely on equipment from the 1990s, it serves as a true homage to classic 90s gaming. Made for the SEGA Genesis – better known as the Mega Drive for those outside of the United States – Tanglewood......
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Rainswept Developer Armaan Sandhu’s Q&A with Indie Ranger

Travis LeFevre
Releasing in January 2019, Rainswept is a murder mystery set in a small town of Pineview. The town is full of beauty, mystery and a unique cast of characters. With this being developer Armaan Sandhu’s debut title, I was curious to learn more about him, his game and how he......
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