‘My Friend Pedro,’ The New Shoot’em Up Playground Releases Tomorrow!

The new highly anticipated game published by Devolver Digital and developed by DeadToast, My Friend Pedro releases tomorrow, June 20. And boy are we excited about it.

If you haven’t heard of the game, you’ve definitely seen clips of this game on Reddit and Twitter, showing off the impressive in-game physics and the masked akimbo madman.

From humble beginnings as an Adobe Flash game by Adult Swim Games, this spiritual successor has moved to the Unity engine where Bollywood meets The Matrix for a new kick of adrenaline. This single-player side-scrolling shoot’em up has slow-motion, dual-wielding pistols, and diving in the air gracefully for a sensational slaughter at the orders of a sentient banana…

But that’s not all!

It’s sure to never get boring when you can always shake up your strategic aiming for an even more impressive ricocheting of bullets. And even more impressively, hold items in mid-air through sheer force of hate and a lot of bullets; bullets that will also bounce off and kill those who wronged you. Break up the shootouts with exciting motorcycle chases with even more well-timed kills.

Build up your slow-motion moments by taking on endless herds of enemies. Take a breather from the action to take your time on clever puzzle solving.

Make clips of your sharpshooting and imaginative killings to show off to your friends just how superior you are to them.

Through your ballet of violent puzzle solving, think up new and inventive ways to massacre your countless and nameless enemies with a flash of gun smoke. Don’t let the slow-motion make this game sound anything but fast-paced; My Friend Pedro promises to bring new and exciting action to separate it from the rest.

The game releases tomorrow, June 20 on Switch for $19.99 and Steam for $16.99. Stay tuned for our release-day review!

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