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‘Tonight It Follows’ Set to Scare on Puppet Combo’s Patreon this Saturday

There exists a small but strong community of indie developers creating old-fashioned horror games. Tonight It Follows, the latest game published under developer Puppet Combo’s publishing label, Puppet Combo Presents, is set to release on their Patreon this Saturday, June 22. Developed by Jordan King of Black Eyed Priest Games, it’s described as an 8-bit nightmare where players must flee from ” . . . an unrelenting horror as you make your way through a dark cemetery in hopes of finding an escape . . .” 

Tonight It Follows Screenshot

Tonight It Follows is the second title published by Puppet Combo, coming after Lum’s Search Party. For $5 a month, players can access these titles and any game from this year either developed or published by Puppet Combo. To play anything before 2019, players can instead pay $10.

For more information, follow Puppet Combo and Jordan King on Twitter.

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