‘Mars, or Die!’ lands on Steam in July

Mars or Die, a strategy game with tower defense and roguelite elements will be touching down on the Steam Marketplace on July 13.

The game circles two explorers who are sent to Mars by their Supremely Illuminated Leader on a feeble attempt to conquer the red planet. Explorers of the Mars can roam on foot with the aid of oxygen tanks while taking care of four key components: scouting, fighting, building and upgrading. To top it off, there are a bunch of red aliens that have to be fended off in the process.

Each explorer will be controllable while the other will automatically help by mining crystals. There will be support structures such as solar panels, auto miners, flags, armories, turrets and heavy turrets to aid in the expansion of the glorious empire.

According to the developers, Mars or Die is actions packed and challenging with humor throughout. The campaign is split into nine missions and an “Endless Mode,” pitting the explorers against countless enemies, increasing the difficulty and keeping track of scores on an online leaderboard.

Mars or Die was put together by 34BigThings, a small indie studio from Turin, Italy.

Indirectly inspired by Italian fascism and the North African Campaign of World War II, the intent behind the game is “to mock the fake, empty grandeur of the imaginary dictator and the futile effort of sending ill-prepared troops to fulfill his imperialistic fantasies.”

Though Mars or Die releases on Steam early next month, there are plans in the work for a Nintendo Switch release. Trailers for Mars or Die can be viewed below:

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