Publisher Raw Fury releases update on ‘Kingdom: Two Crowns’

Kingdom: Two Crowns was announced at the 2017 Game Developers Conference and will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.
The title was originally slated as an expansion for Kingdom: New Lands, but was delayed so the development team could add enough to Two Crowns to make it its own separate game.
With Two Crowns a full game in its own right, the title will now be releasing on Xbox One and PS4 as well as PC and the Switch. Two Crowns received a full overhaul from New Lands.
In the campaign of Two Crowns, new areas will become a part of the kingdom and will help beat the Greed. You will need to repair damage for any time you’re away from the kingdom, which adds a strategic aspect. If you lose the crown, the heir will inherit the kingdom in the state that it was left.
There will also be a roguelike experience that will be available as a separate entity from the campaign mode. Its co-op is local and online, and players can drop in and out at any point without disrupting the host’s experience. Other new changes from New Lands include iron age technology, the addition of pikemen and fire attacks to defend against the Greed and new mounts.
With all these new additions and changes, Kingdom: Two Crowns will be releasing on PC and console sometime this year. After the PC and console releases, a mobile version should be coming after.

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