Horror game ‘The Piano’ releases today

Releasing on Steam today, The Piano is a new horror adventure from the makers at Mistaken Visions.
The trailer highlights the game as half horror and half murder mystery. It following the main character, John Barnerway, in his search for answers about his brothers’ deaths in Paris.
Born in the aftermath of the Great War, half American and half French John Barnerway has always been in the shadow of his three brothers: John’s brothers, Valentine, George and Louis, all of whom were renowned pianists. After their murders, John finds himself as the primary suspect, leading him to scour Paris for answers. Featuring survival horror aspects, puzzle-solving, and immersive atmosphere and soundtrack, this story will have the player exploring the darkest portions of John’s mind.
The Piano has been in the works for five years, allowing this murder mystery horror to grow into a promising title. Mistaken Visions, a small indie development studio based in Hamburg, Germany, has paired up with Game If You Are, an indie game consultancy located in the south of England, in releasing this title on Steam.
The Piano will be Mistaken Visions first full-length title. With the noir aesthetic and riveting, dark plot, The Piano is set up to be a survival-psychological horror story.
The Piano will be available for $9.99 on Steam. Early buyers will receive a 25% discount in the game’s first week of release.

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