‘Wreckfest’ speeds out of early access

After 1611 days, Bugbear Entertainment is moving Wreckfest out from early access for a June 14 release on PC. On November 20th, 2018, it will also come out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This release will give players many new features. Wreckfest will feature a challenge mode with a set of new and unusual vehicles that can lead to crazy racing. Along with new vehicles comes the option to add equally unusual customized features to the player’s vehicles.

For those unfamiliar with Wreckfest, new players should expect plenty of intense crashing, fighting, and metal-crushing challenge. Bugbear developed Wreckfest to feature realistic physics when playing. This title is designed to be the ultimate racing/driving playground for crunching metal and burning rubber.

Expect a large array of awesome vehicles that range from the American classics to the sleek European models. Adding to the vehicle of choice comes the customization, where the player can add their flair and upgrade armor. Of course, there will be multiplayer to compete and crush your friends for ultimate domination.

Bugbear Entertainment is the developer who brought the gaming community FlatOut 1, FlatOut 2 and Ultimate Carnage.

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