Sky Cowboy Mayhem, Sky Noon Releases June 14th

From developer Lunar Roosters and publisher Reverb Triple XP comes a new first-person shooter Sky Noon. Announced June 1, Sky Noon will be releasing as an early access title on June 14.

In this first-person shooter, the title is set in a re-imagining of a Wild West in the fast-paced action-packed skies of Floating Frontier. In the Frontier, powerful cartels are aiming to control a sacred resource in the skies: water. The players will take up the role of gunslingers that will battle opponents across the sky.

A contrast to other FPS games, Sky Noon doesn’t feature health meters. To eliminate enemies, the player will utilize air-compressed weapons to soar across the skies. In the sky, the player must also avoid falling out of the clouds by using their grappling hooks and lassos. The hooks and lassos can be paired with many other tools, such as; teleporters, jetpacks and jump pads.

There also will be a Gleam campaign that offers gamer to win prizes from Gunnar glasses, Logitech, and DX Racer. To enter the campaign, “like” Sky Noon on Facebook and add the game to your Steam wishlist. More information and how to enter can be found on their Gleam page.

At 2018 Pax East, Sky Noon was listed as one of the Best Indie Games. Starting at $14.99, the game will be released under Early Access on Steam. Players looking to get a head start in the sky mayhem, check out Sky Noon’s official website.

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