Experience the Area 51 Raid as it Could Have Been in ‘Operation: Cheek Clapper’

Today marked an event anticipated since the beginning of the summer: the raid on Area 51, in which thousands would unite in order to storm the military base and free whatever alien life is contained within…

…just kidding. In the end, about 75 people showed up and beyond a couple police interventions, this was no “storm.” For those of you who weren’t able to make it, and are perhaps disappointed with the outcome, Satrio Dewantono has you covered with their interpretation of how the raid could have gone down, if it only had more Kyle-power.

 Never feel bad for clapping a gray (not fresh) alien for the sake of the combo, it will become green (very fresh) again in time.

Operation: Cheek Clapper sheds a potential light on what is kept behind the well-guarded fences of Area 51, and sets your character on a mission to find the green aliens being held on the base and, as the title would suggest, make violent contact between your hand and their behind. The points awarded for a successful ‘clap’ are determined by your speed on approach, as well as the ‘freshness’ of the alien, encouraging the player to make use of their naruto run sprint wisely whilst simultaneously avoiding the military gunfire.

Oh, you thought this raid was about saving the aliens? That’s funny.

Operation: Cheek Clapper’s finalised version has been released on Steam (with added environments and abilities), although you can name your price for the basic version currently too. Enjoy all the fun of the Area 51 raid from the comfort of your own home, with none of the travel, detainment and inevitable let-down to worry about.

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