Quirky Puzzler ‘Dandy Dungeon’ gets a second chance on Switch this June

Development team Onion Games officially announced last week that their 2017 mobile game Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada (released a year earlier in Japan as Brave Yamada-kun!) will be ported to Nintendo Switch on June 27 worldwide. This announcement came just in advance of Bitsummit 2019, where attendees could try out the new Switch version at the Onion Games stand.

Dandy Dungeon’s online service was shut down in December 2018 with one final in-game event, and the app was removed from the iOS and Android stores at the end of the year. Numerous in-app purchases and timed events unfortunately hampered the original game, but a console release could allow for a much more complete experience. Onion Games have confirmed updated controls, new music and a leaderboard feature, though whether all existing content will be available from the get-go and if any new additions are planned is unknown.

Dandy Dungeon is a puzzle game centered around playtesting the titular Yamada’s dungeon-exploration game by trying to find a perfect path through every level, covering every tile on the floor and defeating enemies with strategic usage of attacks and items in one fluid move. As the player progress, Yamada’s developing skills improve and he begins to attract more attention, both from fans of his work and from his next-door crush.

Onion Games is made up of several industry veterans, including Yoshiro Kimura (Rule of Rose, Little King’s Story), Kurashima Kazuyuki (Super Mario RPG, Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland) and Keiichi Sugiyama (Sonic Heroes, Super Monkey Ball 3D). Their most recent game, Black Bird, is available for the Switch and PC via Steam.

Yamada-kun (Age 36) is a programmer at a major game publisher. He hates his job. Alone in his apartment, deep into the night, he toils to create a game of his own: it’s an RPG, and he is the hero, Brave Yamada! One day, he falls for his new neighbor Maria-chan. To nurture these feelings, he adds Princess Maria into his game! Will they find love?


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