Bitsummit 2019 Winners Announced In Strongest Year Yet

The seventh BitSummit, known as “BitSummit Seven Spirits,” wrapped up this week with its regular awards show, in which several of the games on display at the festival are nominated based on design, soundtrack, uniqueness and more. Alongside six officially judged categories, there is a Popular Selection Award where the BitSummit attendees could have their own vote, as well as individual awards from all of BitSummit’s media partners, which have yet to be announced. Finally, the Vermilion Gate Award serves as the ultimate judgment of the most promising game on offer at the festival.

International Award: Mørkredd (TBD: PC, Mac, Switch)

Developer: Hyper Games

Morkredd is a co-op puzzle adventure game where darkness kills. Your goal is to ferry a glowing orb of light through a dark world full of obstacles without getting in the shadows from your environment or your fellow player(s).

Innovative Outlaw Award: Symbio (TBD: PC)

Developers: Jesper Bergman, Hangning Zhang, Kaijun Wang, Kristina Stiskaite, Alexander Sinn, Merve Metinkol

In Symbio, two forest creatures that could have not been more different team up in order to climb a tree. Being either nocturnal or diurnal, the two animals have to rely on their partner to guide them through the darkness. During their journey, the two players that can not see each other not only have to communicate, but also need to hold hands in order to overcome challenges. Symbio is a new and fresh approach to cooperative gaming by incorporating physical, human touch into its gameplay and unique experience that can barely be described in words.

Excellence in Game Design Award: The MISSING: J. J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (PCPS4Xbox OneSwitch)

Developer: White Owls inc.

The sudden disappearance of a dear friend spurs J.J. Macfield to go look for her friend on the curious Island of Memories. You can’t die on this nightmare island, even if you’re seriously injured. No matter how many times J.J.’s brought back from the grips of death, she drags her mangled body deeper into the woods. She risks the suffering of having her arms and legs torn off, her neck broken, immolation…all in order to find her friend. J.J. sacrifices her own body and life on this journey so she can discover the answers to her questions: Why did my friend leave? What is this uncomfortable feeling?

Excellence in Visual Design Award: 39 Days to Mars (PCSwitchXbox One)

Developer: It’s Anecdotal

39 Days to Mars is a co-operative steampunk puzzle-adventure game. Step into the shoes of Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter, two 19th century explorers piloting the HMS Fearful on her maiden voyage to Mars. Work together on problems that arise to keep the two hapless engineers alive, and prevent the ship from falling apart around them.

Excellence in Sound Design Award: NO STRAIGHT ROADS (TBD 2019: PC, PS4)

Developer: Metronomik

NO STRAIGHT ROADS is an action-adventure game that puts music and sound at the heart of the action. Playing as Mayday and Zuke, two members of the indie rock band Bunk Bed Junction, players must fight back against the NSR mega-corporation, an EDM label that has taken control of Vinyl City and banned all other types of music. Explore Vinyl City’s eclectic districts and use music to transform objects into weapons, face colossal bosses and change the world!

Popular Selection Award: Obakeidoro (TBD: Switch)
Developer: Freestyle
A ghost team [1 player] VS a human team [3 players], battling. It’s not just a usual game of tag! It’s an exciting game of life and death! An action game based on Keidoro [a tag game in Japan]. It’s familiar and easy-to-understand!

Vermilion Gate Award: RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright (TBD)

Developer: DESKWORKS

“RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright” is a handmade epic RPG about a youth wishing to become a game developer. Explore the world of adventures, penciled within his notebook. Exciting RPG time awaits you in the classroom after school.

This year’s Bitsummit boasted one of the strongest lineups yet. From exciting multiplayer romps in Obakeidoro to incredibly touching narratives in The Missing, the festival’s popularity continues to grow as the games get bigger and better. Next year’s Bitsummit has been confirmed for May 9 and 10.

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