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Reaching for Petals Review: Beautiful, But Nothing More

Brigham Pratt
Reaching for Petals is an atmospheric “walking simulator” game by Blue Entropy Studios. Released in September 2017, the game guides the character Kai through beautiful landscapes to the top of a mountain while recounting the story of him and his childhood lover, Renee. Reaching for Petals is one of the......
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Shift Quantum Review: A Puzzling Pursuit of Happiness

Travis LeFevre
It takes a lot of planning and problem-solving to make a good puzzle game; variety, uniqueness and thought provocation are necessary. Shift Quantum, a newly released game by Fishing Cactus, delivers on all three and more. Axon Vertigo, the fictional company behind the Shift Quantum program, tasks participants to complete......
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Parking Cop Simulator Review: The Fined and the Furious

Colton Butler
Parking Cop Simulator wastes no time throwing the player into the fire. After a short spiel from his employer, new Parking Enforcement Officer Randy begins the game’s weeklong journey into the world of examining cars for traffic violations. The opening speech is full of information that may easily fly over......