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‘Arkanum’, the Student Developed Action-Adventure Game Releases on

Arkanum is a first-person action-adventure game created by 9 students at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Spain. The game was created as a final project for the group’s Master in Creation of Video games class. The students created the game under the studio name ‘Katana Productions’ and released it today on Visually, Arkanum stands apart from a bevy of student-created games and boasts a cel-shaded art style. The action is met with fluid first-person gameplay created in a custom game engine coded in C++ making the game a pretty intriguing package. Oh, and it’s free!
In Arkanum, you play the roll of a character simply named ‘Thief,’ sneaking into a castle to retrieve anything with a trace of magic to sell it for a high price. Players will platform through the inside of a castle while fighting goblins and using your powers to wreak havoc.

If Arkanum sounds like a magical time or you’d like to support Katana Studios in their future endeavors, head over to their page to download the game!

(Images featured in this article are courtesy of Katana Productions’ page.)

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