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‘Pupper Park’ Barks up the Right Tree

It’s a bit difficult to review a game that takes a matter of minutes to play through, but I’ll try my best; Pupper Park is the kind of goofy fun that keeps you smiling throughout the entirety of its 10 minute playtime, but doesn’t give you much to come back to.

Pupper Park is a sandbox physics based game where you play as a dog. Your objective is to collect as many bones as you can in under 10 minutes. To do so, you are let free, er–, off leash to do dog things. These dog things (I’ll just call them micro objectives) involve playing fetch, catching frogs, or playing a game of soccer or basketball. Bones can be earned by completing these objectives but that’s the only goal present; it’s a simple, high score style objective.

For 10 minutes of playtime it’s a short burst of fun and laughs, but overall, Pupper Park doesn’t deliver gameplay that pulls you in, begging for you to return. Pupper Park doesn’t aim to provide a deep gameplay experience, but what makes this visit to the dog park worth your time are the charming visuals and animations and how adorable these clumsy animals are.

I love everything about the way Pupper Park looks! In ways, the color palette and simple shapes remind me of a more muted ‘Katamari Damacy.’ The dogs can waddle, sprint, bark, jump, dive and grab things, and all of your movement options are accompanied by hilarious animations and adorable sound effects.These dogs are cute, dorky creatures that throw their weight around with excitement. I especially loved the doggy paddle animation when swimming and the way the dogs turn their heads when something catches their attention. The animations here really are something special and will make just about anyone smile.

This romp through the park could be used as a great way to wind down as well. Along with the cute visuals, you’ll hear the ambiance of a park and its surrounding area, dogs barking, and the croak of frogs hopping around. By pushing the space bar a second player can join in; I’d absolutely recommend Pupper Park be enjoyed with the company of someone else, it’s too wholesome of an experience not to share.

Pupper Park stands as a better experience than game in my eyes. While it’s nothing outstanding, it will give you and hopefully a friend, family member, or significant other some time to forget about what’s going on around you and laugh for a bit. Sokpop Collective is known for its variety of short but sweet games brimming with charm, and Pupper Park fits in comfortably with their collection.

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