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Tenacious Odyssey: Chimera, Sugar coated wasteland

A dashing, dancing, heart flashing, platformer of a deceptive bubblegum-popping game. 

That’s what to expect from Dark Star Studios latest demo for their game Tenacious Odyssey: Chimera, published on November 28th, 2019 at and GameJolt

Tenacious Odyssey: Chimera is a classic platformer from the Momodora style, where you jump, fight, leap, unlock abilities, and find the answers to what happened to a world now long gone. 

In the dangerous sugar coated ruins of the world of Chimera, the player guides Riko through a world of dreamy Sci-Fi landscapes, bubbles and bubblegum, and killer Spirited Away inspired monsters while trying to help her find her way through the portals she travels by. 


And though Riko can slash through enemies with her sword and blow them up with her powers, she has more than monsters to worry about with a constant existential corruption looming around every corner.

Currently the updated demo is out for Tenacious Odyssey: Chimera and it is flashy, colorful, and detailed as ever with on-point animation. 

And with a Sci-Fi aesthetic, the game presents the player with many questions right from the start. From fighting the monsters to exploring the world, there’s always more questions being brought up about what’s going on and what everything means.  

Currently you have to find talismans to complete an area

From the menu first with its ominous ambiance then its gentle piano, to the game with its upbeat bouncy groove, the game slides in with style that pushes the player forward to find the mystery, to battle monsters, and to ultimately do it all with flash and ease. 

The Tenacious Odyssey: Chimera demo released with full steam ahead, on Thanksgiving 2019, and the results are a game with physical momentum, a bit of ambition, and dazzling displays of colorful animation. 

British developer SpaceFalling of Dark Star Studios has been constantly teasing out promo’s for their new game over twitter adding to the mystery of what will become of Tenacious Odyssey: Chimera.


And has stated that the game will be the first in a franchise that includes the now seemingly on hold Tenacious Odyssey: X & Y.

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