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‘AWAY: The Survival Series’ Hits Its Kickstarter Goal

AWAY: The Survival Series, the debut title of Canadian dev team Breaking Walls, has met its Kickstarter goal of $60,000 CAD in just one day! With 27 days left to go, pledges are still pouring in for this visually rich action adventure game.

Taking inspiration from nature documentaries, AWAY has the player assume the role of a tiny Sugar Glider. Your goal is to traverse a vast and hostile array of environments to find your family in a future where humanity is a distant memory. From the trailer that dropped in May and prototype footage from as far back as 2017, it’s clear that AWAY intends to be a breath-taking visual experience. Stealth and combat will be useful as you take on a host of deadly predators. It appears as though a lot of effort has gone in to making the world seem big.

Separated from your family, you must fight for survival

But who are Breaking Walls and why are so many ready to put their faith in them? Having been founded by three industry veterans and with a team that’s worked on major AAA titles, they don’t lack in experience. Reaching a project goal in such a short time is no small feat. The development team assures backers that contributions will not only go towards completing the game but will also go toward additional content. This content includeds the ability to play as other animals, such as beetles and lizards. Award tiers range from a digital copy of the game to an in-game statue and a development collaborator credit. The campaign will stay up until July 25 and, in a livestream, the team encourages people to tell them what they want to see in the game via social media.

Gliding appears to be a key, and fun, mechanic.

AWAY aims to be available on PC and PS4 by February of 2020. Don’t fret if you’re an Xbox user, however, as Breaking Walls has stated on Reddit that they are currently in talks with Microsoft to bring AWAY to the console. With such a strong foundation, we’re all curious to see where AWAY: The Survival Series goes from here.

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