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‘Supraland 2’ Kickstarter, ‘Supraland’ DLC Announced

Supra Games, the developer and publisher of such titles as Supraball and the recently released Supraland, has launched a Kickstarter for a brand new game in the series, along with some DLC for the original. With the funding, Supraland 2 will act as a sequel to the original, which launched in April 2019. It will follow the same format, offering players a rather unique take on the Metroidvania genre, with a first-person perspective.

The original Supraland received a very positive reception when it debuted on Steam earlier this year, with ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews, at a whopping 95% user rating. Having launched just a few months ago, it comes as a bit of a surprise to see the announcement of a sequel and its crowdfunding campaign so soon.

Nevertheless, Supraland 2’s tagline “It’s time to leave the sandbox… and move inside,” appears to reference a brand new world, an ‘indoor’ world. This addition will take players inside the house, with new tribes, puzzles, characters, and challenges on offer. They also advertise improved combat, with the pledge to hire a combat designer who will work on redesigning the game’s combat from the ground up. Additionally, the inclusion of even more abilities with which to explore the world.

The Kickstarter campaign, which runs until July 31, is asking for €20,000. The campaign page mentions the game will offer players approximately 15-30 hours of playtime. Supraland 2 is aiming to release in 2021 on Steam, GOG, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Linux, and Mac. However, that €20,000 just covers the base game. Supra Games has listed a number of stretch goals should they surpass their target.

Also in the Kickstarter, is the announcement of Supraland: The Crash, an expansion to the original game. It will be available as DLC later this year. This bonus content surrounds an experimental, disastrous rocket journey, giving players a new area to explore and some new abilities. However, this does not appear to be dependent on the Kickstarter’s success. Supraland: The Crash will release by the end of 2019, with around 4-8 hours of gameplay.

Supraland Crash is slated to release this year, and is an expansion to the original Supraland.

If you’re interested in Supraland and its development, feel free to check out an interview with its creator David Münnich, conducted last summer by our very own Travis LeFevre here.

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