New RTS ‘Defend the Keep’ Release Date Announced

Defend the Keep, the debut title of Vanille Games, has been given a set date for its release! The developer for this playful little tower defense game has announced that it will be coming to Steam and on July 16.

Defend the Keep is being made by Finnish solo developer Ville Happo with music by Arto Kuusisto. It commenced development in early 2018 before Happo began working on the game full time in February of the following year. The trailer dropped on May 2 and showcased much of the game’s mechanics and strategy elements. It also showed off the colorful art style and visually pleasing designs. While this fun looking little indie game seems to be flying under everyone’s radar, we decided to take a deeper look at Defend the Keep to discover where it fits in the roster of 2019’s upcoming titles.

Happo credits strategy games like Civilization, Command & Conquer and, rather too relatable, Bloons Tower Defense as inspirations for Defend the Keep. He adds that he was looking for ways to blend elements of tower defense and real-time strategy together. The end result is a game that’s billed as a “fast-paced mix of defensive action and strategy” which allows for a multitude of resources and tricks to use when fending off oncoming hordes of attackers. You’ll progress through the environment and discover new enemies and challenges.

In typical defense game fashion, you can build walls, towers and traps to keep the monsters at bay. The game also offers nine upgrades for your abilities, twelve for building and over twenty levels in general. Unlike, say, Bloons Tower Defense, the enemies don’t follow a pre-defined path. This adds an element of unpredictability that is sure to keep you thinking on your feet.

Defend the Keep releases on July 16 on Steam and

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