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A First Look at ‘Log Jammers’: Air Hockey with Axes

Back in 1994 Windjammers was released on arcade systems by NEO GEO. The fast-paced air hockey meets frisbee game is the seed for Mega Cat Studio’s new title Log Jammers. Log Jammers itself is a retro sports game that throws players into the action-packed pastime of lobbing axes at one another.

A game of Log Jammers is played upon the water, lava or mayonnaise depending on the stage. The characters then need to throw a single axe which is treated like a puck in air hockey against the back wall of their opponent’s side of the field.

In Log Jammers players take on the role of a denizen of Bateman Hills, a small town founded by lumberjacks and now the proud location of a mayonnaise factory. With this over-the-top setting, Log Jammers plays host to a cadre of equally wacky characters. There’s Zombear, the zombie bear and Mayo, the zombie whose flesh is saturated with mayonnaise. This is to only name some of the stranger characters, but everyone has their own story and motivation for participating in Log Jammers. Each character also has a unique special throw, activated by grabbing the star powerup from the center of the stage when it spawns.

At the time of writing, Log Jammers has a tournament mode, quickplay for solo matches vs. AI and online multiplayer. The single player mode at the time of writing this is easily gameable. The AI reacts semi-predictable and some tactics tend to work repeatedly. When not exploiting the AI the speed of the game makes it feel more like luck than actual skill. However speed sliders are going to be introduced to the game which can allow for more thoughtful gameplay.

Although defeating the game’s AI isn’t too challenging, multiplayer games will be a completely different story. Players can be unpredictable and show off their skills more readily than against AI opponents. Multiplayer will be where Log Jammers will be able to show off how the game was meant to be played. Already Mega Cat Studios seems ready with servers ready to host aspiring Log Jammers.

Players interested in Log Jammers are able to add it to their wishlist it on Steam before it’s initial release, and also to download the demo.

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