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Uncommon Potential Games Announces New Project: ‘Dark Miasma’ on Kickstarter

An Ontario-based indie studio, Uncommon Potential has unveiled their latest title Dark Miasma on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. A visual novel with deckbuilding elements, Dark Miasma draws inspiration from franchises like Persona and Princess Maker

At the time of writing, Dark Miasma is just over CA$2100 of it’s CA$3000 goal. A minimum pledge of CA$15 (about $11 USD) is required in order to receive a digital copy of the game upon it’s release on Steam. The full release of Dark Miasma will include “hundreds of dialogue events featuring a cast of 17 characters”, over 500 cards to build your deck with, over 100 enemies and optional bosses with unique rewards.

While an expected release date hasn’t been announced, work on the game has already begun and a free demo is available on courtesy of Uncommon Potential Games.

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