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‘Void Bastards’ Releasing Prisoners Into Space on May 29

There truly is a novel concept to developer Blue Manchu’s Void Bastards, a strategy shooter about managing misfit prisoners ordered to board and raid spaceships, each having an ability that might help them, or it might not.

Designed by Jonathan Chey (director of System Shock 2 and Bioshock) the game also boasts an incredibly unique, comic-book art style that will most assuredly turn heads on any store page. It’s also being published by Humble Bundle, which is just nice in general.

Either way, players will be forced to raid ships on May 29 on PC and Xbox One. There is also a release trailer below, showing off that fantastic art design. Hopefully, too many of us won’t be jettisoned out to space soon after boarding, into the endless void.

Find out more about Void Bastards on Humble Bundle or the game’s Steam Page.