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TemTem, What’s in the Alpha and First Impressions

Welcome to the Airborne Archipelago, where you can find, catch, and live in harmony with Temtem. Here you will be able to pick up the mantle of a Temtem Trainer or Breeder and travel all across the archipelago’s floating islands, challenging the different Dojo’s, exploring vast unknown area’s, and battling alongside your friends.

You will be able to fully experience each and everyone of the Airborne Archipelago’s Islands, walking along warm Mediterranean beaches as you explore ruins of civilizations before, learning all there is to be a Temtem Trainer or Breeder at the world famous University in Arbury, exploring tropical paradises while crossing the grand rope bridges that connect them, delving into the advanced technology that is found on the island of Cipanku as well as the overall Airborne Archipelago, finding your way to the legendary mining city of Quetzal under the “The End of All Things”, and finally trekking through the savanna’s of Kisiwa

Temtem is the latest in Monster Taming games and MMO’s where you explore vast spectacular worlds inhabited by hundreds of kinds of Temtem teeming with diversity.

Developed by Madrid based development studio Crema, Temtem just underwent the last days of its alpha (January 6th-9th) before its early access release date for January 21st on steam. Here’s how the Crema team define Temtem:

“Temtem, summed up, is essentially a Pokemon-like MMO. It takes a more hardcore approach to its systems & mechanics and attempts to combine them with traditional MMO features.”

The Indie Ranger team was able to experience the alpha first hand, and here’s our first impressions on Temtem.

Temtem right from the start takes the Pokemon dynamic and expands upon the idea in an MMO setting, where you can interact with hundreds of other players simultaneously.

Imagine going through a route in Pokemon, except its inhabited by countless other players like you, and you can interact with each other, battle, trade, and even do Co-op.

Player battle in progress

It’s definitely an ambitious goal to bring Pokemon into the MMO world, however it’s one that Temtem successfully manages to pull of. It is impressive to be able to seamlessly interact and play with your friends in this vast open world. 

What’s up?

Our first thoughts going into Temtem were about how different Temtem was going to be from the genre-defining Pokemon series that the developers even claim Temtem to be based off of. Albeit with a different aesthetic, Temtem felt very familiar in the beginning, with a similar start where you choose your first Temtem. 

Choose Your Temtem!

Everything about Temtem feels very familiar to the Pokemon player, and whether that is a pro or a con Temtem also throws a slew of new mechanics that immediately starts branching Temtem away from Pokemon and increases the complexity of battle. 

A look into the double’s system

First of all, Temtem battles are completely focused on doubles, allowing for a greater diversity of strategy. Temtem also come with a slew of new abilities that increase the focus on area-of-effect moves, and cooperative play.

The previous PP system of Pokemon is gone and in its place is a stamina gauge, and what are called Hold Techniques which prevent players from immediately using high end moves. 

And despite a whole new world to explore and an original storyline centering around a group known as Clan Belsoto, Temtem overall will be a familiar experience to the Pokemon Player, for better or for worse. 

The Temtem stress test overall was an impressive look into what to expect come January 21st with the release of Temtem. The Crema team has managed to put together a spectacular looking game, complete with as much diversity as you would expect from many Pokemon titles. Perhaps with time Temtem will grow to include hundreds more Temtem to capture, and a great loyal fan base to support the game. 

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