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‘Spirittea’ Kickstarter is Live, Spirited Away Meets Harvest Moon

It’s a new year which means you’re probably caught up in your new year’s resolutions. Maybe you plan to go to the gym or start a new diet, or perhaps you’re launching a new Kickstarter campaign, just like Dan Beckerton.

Dan Beckerton, a solo developer under the studio name Cheesemaster Games has launched a Kickstarter today for an indie title called ‘Spirittea.’ Spirittea is a life sim game that pulls inspiration from an amalgamation of pieces of media such as Studio Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’, ‘Harvest Moon’, and ‘Animal Crossing.’ 

Images courtesy of Cheesemaster Games

The plot sees you take the role of the writer who decides to move to a small town to gather some inspiration for your book. According to the Kickstarter page, “Unfortunately for you, this particular town has been going through some difficult times due to natural disasters, strange accidents and mysterious occurrences.”

Spirittea offers a variety of activities like many other life simulation games, but the two main activities in which you’ll be participating is locating spirits to invite to your bath house and managing said bath house. What interests me most about this gameplay loop is the uniqueness of spirits; they all have preferences and schedules making recruiting each spirit a puzzle of sorts.

Images courtesy of Cheesemaster Games

Spirittea’s Kickstarter is live until January 30th, if you’d like to read up on all the details of Spirittea or support Cheesemaster Games by backing the game, you can do so at their Kickstarter page!

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