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Experience Insane (And Fun) Warfare with ‘Mordhau’

Trevor Poole
'Mordhau' feels like a game from another time when things were simpler. When games felt less bogged down in so much bull and just knew to achieve a goal: Be fun....

Epic Games Store Has Some Epic Faults

Trevor Poole
On January 14, 2019, there was an uproar due to some comments translated from a Russian podcast featuring the Director of Publishing Strategy for the Epic Games Store, Sergey Galyonkin. The long short of the comments dealt with paying influencers (Streamers, video content producers, etc.) money through the Support-A-Creator Program...
Early Access PC Reviews

Rapture Rejects Review: Apocalypse Gone Silly

Michael Lepsch
I spawned in, dropped an F-bomb, and accidentally killed myself. As a fan of Cyanide and Happiness for many years, this was about what I expected from my first ten seconds in a battle royal game made by the team at Explosm Entertainment. Crude, rude, witty, and full of the...

H1Z1 Rebranding as Battle Royale Game

Brandon Lyttle
On September 19th, Daybreak Game Company announced that their title H1Z1 would be retitled to Z1 Battle Royale. Originally a zombie survival game, H1Z1 was more known for its multiplayer combat. Eventually the game was split into a survival game called Just Survive and a king of the hill game.......
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