H1Z1 Rebranding as Battle Royale Game

On September 19th, Daybreak Game Company announced that their title H1Z1 would be retitled to Z1 Battle Royale. Originally a zombie survival game, H1Z1 was more known for its multiplayer combat. Eventually the game was split into a survival game called Just Survive and a king of the hill game. The king of the hill game became H1Z1 as it’s known now.


Players can keep track of the development of Z1 Battle Royale on the game’s “Roadmap”.


The change to Z1 Battle Royale just further clarifies the game’s status as a Battle Royale game and makes it clear the survival aspects are no longer the focus.

H1Z1 (Soon to be Z1 Battle Royale) is available for free on Steam but with paid DLC for cosmetics, and in-game lootbox purchases.

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