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Rapture Rejects Review: Apocalypse Gone Silly

I spawned in, dropped an F-bomb, and accidentally killed myself. As a fan of Cyanide and Happiness for many years, this was about what I expected from my first ten seconds in a battle royal game made by the team at Explosm Entertainment. Crude, rude, witty, and full of the worst examples of human behavior mankind has to offer. If you enjoy Cyanide and Happiness you’ll probably get a kick out of this game as well.

While there was very little in the way of narrative within the game itself, according to the game’s trailer the story is as follows: God has decided that he screwed up with humanity and it was time to wipe the slate clean. He raptures all the good people of the world and leaves the rest to the apocalypse. But the people left behind say their situation kinda sucks. Moved by their heartfelt words God gives 1 last chance to go to heaven… to the last living person on earth. And so begins the battle royale for the golden ticket to heaven.

Character creation was simple but offered a few laughs of its own with the character reacting as I added and removed their boobs or penis bulge. While the starting clothing options are limited to the standard Cyanide and Happiness style mono-colored shirt or running around in your underwear, (yes that’s an option) you can unlock a greater assortment of interesting outfits by winning games and submitting tickets to a slot machine prize game.

As for actual gameplay Rapture Rejects offers little that the rest of the battle royal genre doesn’t already provide. Its weapons consist of small variety scraped together weapons such as the CD Launcher, the Nail Gun, and the ever-memorable Tromblunderbuss, and the game also provides a few unique tools like the disguise kit that allows you to hide under a cardboard box or of course the F-bomb which can kill anyone (including yourself) so long as you hit.

The Top-Down Isometric view was an interesting choice to go with for a battle royal game and one I’m not sure works in its favor. Aiming guns while moving proves to be as much a matter of luck as it is skill and the same unfortunately proves true of dodging attacks as some attacks crawl towards you and other rocket their way across the map, all at weird, difficult to track angles. I can’t tell you how many times I swear I was hitting a target dead on and my shots would fly just off to the side.

Sadly at the time of writing, there also promises to be micro-transactions in the future. And of course, to get new cosmetics you need to spend tickets to get a random prize rather than selecting what it is you’d like to get. because gamers never get sick of loot boxes. Besides that, the game is a box-standard battle royale complete with a shrinking area of play.

All in all, while Rapture Rejects wasn’t anything revolutionary by any means it was a rather enjoyable experience. Everything about it is reminiscent of the C&H show and comics and there’s humor woven in every little thing. Despite it being fairly standard, it is an excellent addition to the battle royale genre without a doubt. 10/10 would F-bomb myself again.

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