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‘Subnautica’ on sale for World Oceans Day

Independent development team Unknown Worlds Entertainment has announced that their hugely popular underwater game Subnautica will be going on sale until June 11 in an effort to raise money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
During this time, Subnautica will be available on Steam at a 20 percent discount and 15 percent of net developer profits will go directly to the WDC to support their work all over the world to keep whales and dolphins safe and free from the many threats they face, including whaling, captivity and the threat of plastic pollution in our oceans. To make a difference this World Oceans Day, supporters can purchase Subnautica on Steam.
“It’s really exciting for us to be able to work with WDC on the Oceans Day promotion and to be able to use Subnautica to help make a difference,” said Whitney Henderson, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Perfect World Entertainment. “Only this week, a pilot whale in Thailand died of starvation after eating 80 plastic shopping bags that he had mistaken for food so it’s wonderful to have the chance to increase awareness of the important work that WDC does to help keep our seas healthy and to give players the chance to donate to such a great cause.”
The Whale and Dolphin Conservation is a global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. They aid these aquatic mammals through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research and rescue.
Subnautica has been incredibly popular with our supporters in the gaming community and the broadcasters and fundraisers who have taken part in our Gamers for Orcas fundraisers, so we are delighted to be working with the team behind Subnautica on a special promotion this World Oceans Day.” Abbie Cheesman, partnerships manager at the WDC said. “We are so grateful for their generous support of our vital work to help protect our oceans and the amazing marine wildlife that call them home at such a critical time for many whale and dolphin species.”

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