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WWII simulator ‘Bomber Crew’ coming to consoles on July 10

Fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables in the upright, locked position, because Runner Duck Games, a Brighton-based two-man team, alongside award-winning publisher Curve Digital announced today that Bomber Crew is will be landing on consoles on July 10.

In Bomber Crew players must recruit, train and upgrade their very own WWII flight team before piloting a Bomber over enemy territory. Make every move count, as each of your crewmembers has one life. Avoid enemy detective, harsh weather conditions and more.

Every Bomber is customizable from its color scheme to its strength and power. Using the in-game tool, you can even slap your slogan on the side of the vehicle or draw your own wing art to strike fear or laughter into the hearts of your enemies.

As well as releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ on July 10, Bomber Crew’s Season Pass comes to console on the same date, along with the Deluxe Editions and the debut DLC pack, Secret Weapons.

Secret Weapons sees players taking to the skies during the WWII “Big Week” in the winter of 1944. Players will be faced with new treacherous weather conditions to fly in, new enemy Aces to confront, changes to the airbase (bring a jacket for the snow!), and more ways to upgrade the Bomber.

Players can also purchase the Season Pass for access to all the announced and released DLC, as well as one further set of unannounced side missions. The Season Pass offers a significant saving to purchasing all DLC separately.

Bomber Crew for console will also include the all-new Infinite Mode and leaderboards, which will also release on PC on July 10.

After generating $1 million within its first two weeks on sale for PC, Runner Duck Games and Curve Digital are excited to get Bomber Crew in the hands of console players on July 10, as well as offering a host of improvements for PC players to enjoy.

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