With One Final Update, Dodge Roll Games Says Farewell to ‘Enter the Gungeon’

After three years and two major expansions to the bullet hell rouge-like dungeon crawler, Enter the Gungeon, future updates for the game are coming to an end. The team over at Dodge Roll Games are saying goodbye and thank you to all its players the only way they know how, with a bang.

The final Enter the Gungeon update A Farewell to Arms is out today, for free, across all platforms and goes out kicking and screaming in a way only Enter the Gungeon could.

According to the lead designer, Dave Crooks, “A smaller update instead of a larger paid DLC,” was planned and that they had “hoped to have it out by the end of 2018.” However, the same thing happened with their previous expansion, Advanced Gungeon’s & Dragons  — they just “kept adding new stuff.”

He goes on to say in a blog post written for PlayStation blog:

“This is the final update to Enter the Gungeon, and as such the content included carries the weight of the end of an arc, the very legacy of the game. That is to say: we wanted to make sure Enter the Gungeon went out with a bang. With that in mind, we didn’t think just a new randomized ‘Paradox’ character and some new guns and items were enough. Since the announcement of the update, it has grown considerably in size, and is now something more comparable to our first update, Supply Drop.”

The last update includes:

  • A new playable character with a special starting item
  • A variant of a very powerful enemy
  • New floors to explore
  • A new secret level with a special boss fight.

A Farewell to Arms update also includes some bugs fixes from previous updates along with some quality of life fixes to send this baby off in a blanket of love.

With Dodge Roll Games first real game coming to an end, and all this experience tucked under their gun belt, where go next only the future will tell.
Now get out there, flip some tables and start your Gungeon crawling adventure today! Enter the Gungeon is half off on all platforms throughout the weekend, so you have no excuses not to pick up this game.

Braxton Wheeler is a 23 year old Artist and Writer living in eastern, Kentucky. He loves video games, Art and trophy hunting on Playstation (even tho he's bad at it.) Some of his favorite video games games include: the Bioshock series, Grand theft auto (any of them), Stardew valley, The Binding of Issac, the Uncharted series and The last of us. He hopes to get to design a game some day, but for now he's sticking to just playing them.

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