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‘Ayo the Clown,’ The New Carnival of a Platformer, Comes to Kickstarter

In 2019, clown-related media is a difficult thing to pull off, that’s why I have to give kudos to Ayo the Clown. A new project from development team Cloud M1, this adorable indie game launches on Kickstarter today, August 1. Suffice to say, it’s already caught our attention.

Ayo the Clown’s a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer with a lot of charm! Ayo’s your “not-so-average” clown who finds himself thrust out of his tranquil town and on an epic adventure to find his missing dog and best friend, Bo. Along the way, Ayo encounters a host of friendly characters who are willing to help out. 90s era Nintendo games, like Kirby and Mario, seem to be the key inspirations but with graphics more akin to Little Big Planet (another influence listed on their Kickstarter page).

Demonstration of the 3D aspects and enemies
Enemies popping out of the third dimension keep you on your toes. This addition showcases the effort that has gone into the stages and enemies.

Emphasis has been placed on the platforming elements as Cloud M1 have created new themes and obstacles for each new stage. With mechanics like wall jumping and sliding, the gameplays not likely to get boring. In addition to this, the game offers power-ups, side-quests and collectibles, which are always welcomed! But what must not be understated here is the art style. This clip from there YouTube channel alone shows the creativity that goes into each new character and enemy design. And, lest I forget, the music is so pleasant!

Showcasing the graphics and enemy design of Ayo the Clown
There’s near limitless appeal to these graphics.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it. When demoed at PAX East in 2016, the game was met warmly, with players praising the game for its fun platforming and, of course, the art style. Individual backers will also receive the demo and the game early. The game will also offer full controller support!

The Kickstarter launches today with a goal of $17,000 that will go toward completing the game and other expenses. Award tiers range from having your name in the credits for $5 to helping design a stage for $1,500. After launch, crowdfunding ends for Ayo the Clown on August 28. Estimated delivery will be by August 2020 on Steam and Good Old Games. We highly encourage you to donate. Ayo the Clown is a lovely little indie game with a lot of potential.

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