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Utomik Providing Free Dev Booths at Gamescom 2019

That’s right. Just in from Utomik and their partners Indie Arena Booth, Utomik will be providing free small/arcade booths to any indie developer at 2019’s Gamescom.

Utomik, a developer/PC game subscription provider, says that they have partnered with Indie Arena Booth to help bring to attention many indie companies that started like they did.

“That’s why we offered to provide a Gamescom spot to 10 games and their developers, as well as sponsor every small and arcade booth at the Indie Arena Booth this year,” they said in a press release. 

The details behind receiving a free small/arcade booth at 2019’s Gamescom are that an indie company’s game must be placed on Utomik’s subscription game service under a non-exclusive agreement. Additionally, there is no upfront cost other than placing a game on the service.

Utomik also provides another option for indie developers who choose to opt-out of their offer at 2019’s Gamescom.

“Utomik supports non-participating developers by offering a 50% discount on their Small or Arcade Booth.”

Keep in mind that, regardless of an indie developers participation in Utomik’s subscription games service, all indie developers at the minimum will receive a small/arcade booth at 50% off. For developers wishing to participate in the subscription games service and receive a free small/arcade booth they only need contact: Frank(at)

Along with side Utomik’s announcement, it will also be bringing ten indie developers and their games to 2019′ Gamescom. The game titles are as follows: Coffee Talk, LunaSea, Decay of Logos, Those Who Remain, Neverinth, Grand Guilds, Dry Drowning, Jack Axe, Figment: Creed Valley and Elden: Path of the Forgotten.

Gamescom is one of the worlds largest gaming conventions, and this year it is in Cologne, Germany. It is a major crossroad for indie developers and industry leaders, with booths and gamers from around the world. 


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