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Star Citizen Announces Major Updates in Next Patch

Steven Large
Cloud Imperium Games recently announced Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.10 update. The update brings improvements to flight, combat and a lot of features both new and returning. In the video announcement from CIG’s publishing arm, Roberts Space Industries, vehicle director John Crewe and the recently formed Vehicle Experience Team walk us......

No Man’s Sky Underpins the Importance of Allowing a Game to Speak for Itself

Andrew McAtominey
When No Man’s Sky launched in 2016, it did so to little fanfare. Years of E3 demos, interviews, and even late-night talk show appearances had put gamers into a state of anticipation that matched the likes of Half-Life 3. Unfortunately, the game released in a poor state, lacking many of......

Publisher Raw Fury releases update on ‘Kingdom: Two Crowns’

Jordyn Lee
Kingdom: Two Crowns was announced at the 2017 Game Developers Conference and will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC later this year. The title was originally slated as an expansion for Kingdom: New Lands, but was delayed so the development team could add enough to Two Crowns to make......