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‘Whispers of a Machine’ Echoes Back An Incredible Future

Trevor Poole
Whispers of a Machine engrossed me from the opening menu, where in the background art I could see the setting of the game: a town sitting atop a towering disk in the air above plains and roads that seemed wasted and left long ago. The first scene introduces the player......
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Lucid Dream Review: A Paranormal Puzzler

Matthew Adler
Lucid Dream is a narrative-driven point-and-click adventure game where you control Lucy, a young girl trying to save her sick mother before it’s too late. You’ll explore a variety of Lucy’s dreams ranging from floating forest worlds to Dali-inspired surrealist landscapes. But, as you travel deeper into her subconscious, you’ll...
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The Blind Prophet: A Neon Narrative

Matthew Adler
If you’ve been itching for a new point-and-click adventure game set in a grim city full of thugs, murder and mayhem, then The Blind Prophet checks all the boxes. The game is a Kickstarter project by ArsGoetia, and as of this writing has funded almost $3,000 towards creating this narrative...
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Radiant One Review: A Story That Lacks A Shine

Andrew McAtominey
Tired of the mundane life in which he finds himself, Daniel dreams of a world of possibilities but risks losing what’s really important in this narrative-driven, point-and-click adventure. As a point-and-click experience, the gameplay of Radiant One is rather simple. Clicking on a position in the environment will maneuver the......

The Darkside Detective Review: A Point and Click Homage

Colton Butler
The Darkside Detective is an 8-bit comedy adventure game, in the vein of classics such as Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle. From the outset, it was clear that this game would be full of sharp humor and clever references. At the core of the game stars Detective Francis McQueen, who is......

New Game “Soviet Shopkeeper” Announced

Travis LeFevre
A new developer, Agile Waterfall Entertainment, has announced their debut game, Soviet Shopkeeper via Twitter. Taking up the role of a 1980s shopkeeper in the fictional Bolsha, you will distribute goods and barter trade with the citizens you regularly mingle with. You must make sure your families future is secured, given......