New Game “Soviet Shopkeeper” Announced

A new developer, Agile Waterfall Entertainment, has announced their debut game, Soviet Shopkeeper via Twitter.

Taking up the role of a 1980s shopkeeper in the fictional Bolsha, you will distribute goods and barter trade with the citizens you regularly mingle with. You must make sure your families future is secured, given the economic uncertainty of the times. This can be achieved by engaging in fraud and making connections that will aid you in the next economic system.

The fate of you, your family and the townsfolk you serve will rest in your hands. In Soviet Shopkeeper, choice matters, and the decisions you make will decide which of the multiple endings you get.

The developer has stated that this game will feature point and click style gameplay and they have drawn inspiration from the popular title Papers, Please.

They have put an emphasis on making this game as accurate to the times as possible. Bolsha, while fictitious, is based on the satellite states of the USSR. Throughout your time in Bolsha, you will encounter the terrifying, the absurd and the silly-scary events of a falling totalitarian economic system.

Agile Waterfall Entertainment hasn’t offered a release date as of yet, but the game will be initially available for PC Windows. They hope to bring the game to PlayStation 4 soon after the initial release.

Gameplay images have not been made available as of yet. When that changes, this article will be updated to reflect that change.

For more updates on this game, you can check out the official Twitter of Soviet Shopkeeper here.

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