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Dare to Jam: Devs in Richmond, VA compete in Ludum Dare 45

David Pettyjohn
Having grown from a small internet forum of only 18 people, the Ludum Dare game jam series has ballooned to a worldwide series of game developing competitions held every April and October. One of the small groups participating in the event is the Richmond, VA-based RVA Game Jams. Each Ludum......
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With One Final Update, Dodge Roll Games Says Farewell to ‘Enter the Gungeon’

Braxton Wheeler
After three years and two major expansions to the bullet hell rouge-like dungeon crawler, "Enter the Gungeon," future updates for the game are coming to an end. The team over at Dodge Roll games are saying goodbye and thank you to all its players the only way they know how,...
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After Layoffs, Telltale Games to Close

Brandon Lyttle
Update: The Walking Dead: The Final Season has been officially picked up by Skybound Games. Read about it here. Known for their licensed The Walking Dead series, game studio Telltale Games is beginning a majority studio closure following layoffs reported on September 21, 2018. pic.twitter.com/evqg5X98WZ — Telltale Games (@telltalegames) September 21,......