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Utomik Providing Free Dev Booths at Gamescom 2019

Roy Hitchcock
That’s right. Just in from Utomik and their partners Indie Arena Booth, Utomik will be providing free small/arcade booths to any indie developer at 2019’s Gamescom. Utomik, a developer/PC game subscription provider, says that they have partnered with Indie Arena Booth to help bring to attention many indie companies that......
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A Hat in Time Announcement Set for August 20

Brandon Lyttle
A few days ago Gears For Breakfast, the developers of indie game A Hat in Time teased a “special announcement” on Twitter on August 13. We have a special announcement for A HAT IN TIME that will air in time for Gamescom. Stay tuned! pic.twitter.com/gzYZsNoape — A HAT IN TIME......