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Star Citizen Announces Major Updates in Next Patch

Steven Large
Cloud Imperium Games recently announced Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.10 update. The update brings improvements to flight, combat and a lot of features both new and returning. In the video announcement from CIG’s publishing arm, Roberts Space Industries, vehicle director John Crewe and the recently formed Vehicle Experience Team walk us......
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‘Trollskog’ The Charming Medieval Village Building Game

George Aquilla Hardy
I have no shame admitting that medieval fantasy is my bread and butter. I can’t get enough of it. So when I happened upon Trollskog (a medieval-inspired indie game), I was more than eager to jump straight in....
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Inspiration As the Fuel to Ambition: ‘Welcome to the Future’ Interview With Moonmen Games Founder Marc Fabricius

Trevor Poole
Some game developers see a concept they love that inspires them, wondering if they could take on the challenge to take that basic concept into an experience where adventure players themselves can go on and tell their own stories with. And to that, I say 'Welcome to the Future.'...
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You’re Gonna Have To Stay in the Backline for ‘Eximius: Seize the Frontline’

Xander Ewing
Eximus: Seize the Frontline is a competitive multiplayer shooter with heavy real-time strategy influences. At least that’s what it was supposed to be. In the absence of any other players, the only game I was able to play was a singleplayer skirmish with bot-controlled allies and enemies. Rather than the...

Things Are About To Get A Whole Lot Darker In Darkest Dungeon II

Matthew Adler
An ominous trailer just surfaced on Twitter narrated by Wayne June featuring a cast of familiar characters and a Roman numeral ‘II’ slowly coming into view. This is our first look at Darkest Dungeon II, the sequel to the perilous turn-based, dungeon-crawling roguelike. The trailer did not reveal much information......
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Rapture Rejects Review: Apocalypse Gone Silly

Michael Lepsch
I spawned in, dropped an F-bomb, and accidentally killed myself. As a fan of Cyanide and Happiness for many years, this was about what I expected from my first ten seconds in a battle royal game made by the team at Explosm Entertainment. Crude, rude, witty, and full of the...
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Legends of Ellaria Review: Master of None

Brandon Lyttle
Real-time strategy, roleplaying game and sandbox; Legends of Ellaria tries to be a great many things at the same time. While these features are in the game, it feels like, in an effort to diversify gameplay, Legends of Ellaria is spread too thin. The player takes on the role of a monarch who......
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War of Conquest Review: Old School Empires

Brandon Lyttle
A network connection and perseverance are a player’s key tools in War of Conquest. War of Conquest is a free to play MMO wargame from IronZog. Players are thrust into the open world far in the west. As players explore, grab resources and fight they’ll gain experience points and each......
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Mind the Vikings Review: Viking Needs Food Badly!

Brandon Lyttle
City-building games have always been a niche category, but with the release of recent hits like Cities: Skylines and Banished there’s been renewed interest in the genre. Mind the Vikings follows the foundation and growth of a small viking hamlet that’s directed by the player. Vikings of various clans clamor......
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