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‘Carrion’ Hands-on Preview: A Decayed Delight

Mallory Spencer
In one short and sweet sequence, Carrion proves that it knows exactly how to handle the anti-genre it’s aiming for. The demo of Phobia Game Studio’s 2020 ‘reverse horror’ opens with your playable thing emerging from its gruesome nest and making its way towards the nearest meal which, in this......

‘Witcheye’ Coming to App Store and Google Play August 15

George Aquilla Hardy
Picture the scene: It’s Sunday evening, and you’ve spent all weekend holed up in your room, dodging texts and playing some games. You love hanging out with your friends but sometimes you need some me-time, right? Just then, a dreaded feeling surfaces. Tomorrow is Monday, and you that you are......
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‘Gato Roboto’ Is The Cat’s Meow

Matthew Adler
Devolver Digital is hitting it out of the park this year with their indie game lineup, adding Doinksoft’s 'Gato Roboto' to its growing list of must-play games. This adorable game, which they have cleverly referred to as a 'meowtroidvania' is a fantastic, albeit short, experience that distills the genre down...
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‘My Friend Pedro’ Is Bananas From Start To Finish

Sean McGrath
What do you get when you mix the hitman-esque feel of John Wick with the mind-bending physics of The Matrix? You get Devolver Digital’s newest side-scrolling shooter, My Friend Pedro. If you haven’t seen the crazy trailer for the game, click here to see what you’re getting into. That’s right,......
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Devolver Digital Won E3?! What the Sh*t?!

Paul Meekin
Devolver Digital feels a bit like the 1979 Superman movie, which was a smashing success. One of the first movies of its kind, the flick soared and touched the hearts and minds adults and children alike. What was Superman’s secret power? The ability to laugh at itself. The ability of......
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Side Effects May Occur in ‘Katana ZERO’

Matthew Adler
Katana ZERO is mind-bending thriller cleverly disguised as an action game. What may appear on the surface to be a retro-inspired side-scrolling brawler from games of yesteryear is actually a narrative-driven experience exploring posttraumatic stress disorder, loss, and time manipulation—thanks to a mysterious drug called Chronos. Katana ZERO tells the......
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Ape Out Is The Jazz-Fueled Rage You’ve Been Waiting For

Matthew Adler
If you’ve ever dreamed of a power fantasy where you are a rampaging ape trying to escape various scenarios with nothing but your massive fists, then Ape Out is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. The latest game from publisher Devolver Digital features gameplay that is reminiscent of Hotline Miami,......