‘Super Smash Brothers Ultimate’ Brings In Sans from ‘Undertale’

Sans from the indie game Undertale finally makes his way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sans has been a fan-favorite potential newcomer ever since Nintendo decided to open the gates to just about any and all IPs. The potential appearance of an Undertale representative has never been ruled out. However it has always seemed like a longshot for fans of the series. The appearance of Sans as a costume for Mii gunner is a halfway point between the two extremes. While Sans is not a full character his inclusion at all still manages to be more than what most people were expecting.


With the Shovel Knight as an assist trophy and Sans as a Mii costume, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be neglecting the larger indie titles on the Switch. Sans may be out of the main roster, if Nintendo ever changes their mind there’s always Papyrus.

The Sans Mii Costume is available on the Nintendo eShop. The Sans Mii Costume also unlocks “MEGALOVANIA” as an additional track.

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