After Six Years of Static, ‘Cube World’ is Set To Release in a Month

Cube World has finally escaped six years of development hell, and is ready for release “Hopefully around the end of September/October 2019.”

This news was made on Twitter by the developer, Wolfram von Funck.

Cube World began development back in 2011 and released an alpha version in 2013. Since then, von Funck basically went silent on the project in July of 2017. He then began sharing update progress at the beginning of this year with screenshots and other updates. Fans of this news were extremely vocal that their hype train has hit high speed.

Cube World is described as a voxel action RPG with an emphasis on exploration. In this infinite procedural world, you can suit up as a warrior, ranger, mage or rogue. Crafting weapons and armor as you explore with tameable pets. Cube World also includes hang gliders and boats for traversal. All of Cube World’s features can be seen on their Steam page, linked above.

The alpha version released in 2013 received a lot of high praise and, if you threw down money for the alpha, you’ll be able to get your hands on the full version when it releases.

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